Sports Leaders at Whingate


Here at Whingate we are ready to train a strong team of Year 6 children in supporting the promotion of sports and leading a healthy lifestyle within our school. Our newly recruited Sports Leaders volunteer their time to work alongside Miss Jackson from ACES Education to develop the skills required to become excellent leaders in sports such as confidence, communication, organisation and creativity. Some of the children are also learning the importance of other rolls within sports such as journalism and photography. 


To achieve Sports Leader status, the children are about to begin their weekly training in completing several key modules which aim to get the children thinking about putting their skills into practice. Following this, our sports leaders will begin to plan and deliver a range of non-competitive activities during lunch times with Miss Jackson, to boost sports engagement outside of learning time and allow our leaders to develop their organisational and interpersonal skills. 


Our long term goal is for our sports leaders to engage in both inter and intra-school sporting events such as competitions, Sports Day and our Cluster Inter-School Sports Day event. All of the above contributes to our Silver Games Mark status awarded in Summer 2019.