Welcome to Year 6

Welcome back! We are very excited for the year ahead in Year 6, your final one at Whingate. The class teachers in Year 6 are Miss Sefton and Miss Dean with Mrs Croll as our teaching assistant. We also have Mrs Walker and Miss Boocock as additional teachers in our team during the morning sessions and on Wednesday afternoon the classes will be taught by Miss Boocock and Mrs Varley.

Year 6 Curriculum

Please see below for details about Year 6's curriculum.

If you would like any further information about our curriculum, please speak to a member of the Year 6 team.

Y6 Long Term Plan

Y6 Long Term Plan 2022 - 2023.docx

Year 6 Knowledge Organisers

Autumn Term

Science - Light - Knowledge organiser.docx
Knowledge organiser - The Blitz.docx
Unit 1 - Knowledge organiser.pdf

Autumn Newsletter

Newsletter to Parents - Autumn Term 2022.pub


The Blitz: WWII

Autumn Term 2022

This term we are learning all about life during The Blitz (World War II). In history, we will be learning about key events and the changes to daily life during this time. In DT, we will be using materials to create our own Anderson or Morrison shelters with a focus upon making strong structures. In art, we will be using silhouette and vibrant colour contrasts to create skyline images of The Blitz. In literacy, we will be using our knowledge of The Blitz to develop our skills when writing to inform. Our reading texts will also support our World War II research, reading a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction. 



For Autumn term, homework expectations in Y6 will be as follows:

Reading/book bag homework - To read at least two chapters from a book, two articles or two sections of a non-fiction texts each week. Try to vary what you read and remember to add these to your reading record. Reading records also need to be signed by an adult each week. Also, try to access Reading Plus from home if you can and add any completed lessons to your reading record too to get maximum house and Dojo points!

Maths - To complete an arithmetic task each week.

Spelling - To complete spelling activities in their spelling journals using the focus words for the week. For each task you complete, you will receive different amounts of Dojo points.


Remember you can also access Reading Plus, Purple Mash, Spelling Shed, Mathletics, Doodle Maths or TTRockstars at home too!


**Homework will be handed out on Friday each work and is due in no later than Wednesday of the following week.


This term we are having a huge push towards all children being able to rapidly recall their times tables facts, including division facts, to 12 x 12. Twice-weekly we complete a Superhero times table challenge and we spend time accessing TTRockstars. We know that the better children are able to recall their times tables facts, the quicker and more confidently they pick up new concepts taught in maths. 

Try to practise your timestables as much as you can by accessing TTRockstars, practising on paper, or by challenging a family member!


This year we will continue to use the Reading Plus online reading scheme to help increase the reading speed and comprehension of children in Y6. This scheme has proved to be extremely successful at developing fluency and has enabled children to make more progress with their reading. Every child has their own account and can access this at school and at home. 


Indoor PE - Thursday

Children come to school wearing their school uniform and bring their indoor PE kit with them to change into in the afternoon. Indoor PE kit is a white t-shirt and black/navy shorts.


Outdoor PE - Friday

Children come to school wearing their school uniform and bring their outdoor PE kit with them to change into in the afternon. Outdoor PE kit is a white t-shirt, black/navy shorts or jogging bottoms and trainers. They can also bring a black or navy hooded top.