It is fundamental that your child knows his/her times tables and corresponding division facts.

It is an expectation that every child should be able to recall their times table and division facts up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4.


 Top tips for helping your child learn their times tables:

  • Learn a little at a time. If you start a new times table, don’t try to master it overnight. Break it down, then add more when your child is used to the sequence.
  • Try different strategies: all children learn in different ways, so what has worked for an older sibling or family friend may not work for another child.
  • Constant revision of all of the times tables is important, as they are very easy to forget over the holiday period.
  • Use concrete apparatus, such as match sticks, to demonstrate.
  • Bribery goes a long way! Use sweets for demonstrations as the anticipation of a reward can make the learning more memorable.
  • Use real-life situations to develop understanding of times tables, for example:“ If you have saved 3p in a day, how much will you have saved in a week?”
  • Remember, there is no right or wrong way to learn times tables. It helps to know lots of tricks and links between times tables facts (further information on this can be found later in this guide).