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Co-Headteachers: Claire Beswick and Karen Loney

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Whingate Primary School

Welcome to Year 3!


Year 3 2021 - 2022

 Welcome back to Whingate and into Year 3! This year the Class Teachers in Year 3 are:

  • Mrs Harrison (3H) and Mrs Warner
  • Miss Sefton (3S) and Miss Donaghy
  • Mrs Varley
  • Mrs Lawson

There will always be a member of staff on the door at the beginning and end of the day if you have any questions or queries.

Please scroll to find information about:

  • bookbags, homework and PE days (half-termly newsletter).
  • what we are learning in Year 3!


Summer Term 1

Scroll down to find pictures from Stump Cross Caverns.

We have a very exciting summer term coming up! Starting us off this half term in maths, we are moving onto learning how to find the perimeter of shapes and recapping our time knowledge! Over the holidays, we have been carrying out time activities to help us remember the difference between analogue and digital. In writing, our purpose this half term is to inform! We are going to be writing information texts based on experiences we have had - there may even be a trip on the cards! Now that spring has sprung and we are moving closer towards the summer time, our focus in science is 'Plants' where we will be watching and learning about how flowering plants grow and reproduce. Whilst continuing our volcanoes topic in geography from last half term, we will also be moving onto learning all about the Romans in history (one of our favourites!).

Our whole school focus this half term is 'Communicate' so there will also be some fun days planned to explore this.

To find out more information, please see our 'Summer Term Overview' below. You can also scroll further to view our 'Knowledge Organisers' for history and science, read our termly newsletter and see what we were learning about in the spring term.

Summer Term Curriculum Overview


Knowledge Organiser - History - Romans!

Knowledge Organiser - Science - Plants!




Stump Cross Caverns

This half term we enjoyed a fantastic trip exploring Stump Cross Caverns to support our geography learning, and our science topic 'Rocks and Soils'. 

We learned all about how 350 million years ago, the Yorkshire Dales was situated under a tropical ocean located on the equator. The caves were found by lead miners in the 1860's who would charge members of the public 1 shilling to enter the caves!

Slide show 2 coming soon!


Spring Term 2

Below you can find out everything we learned about in spring term 2.

Den Building

Exploring the Outdoors!


We had the BEST time at our den building workshop, where we applied our excellent team working skills to perfect a den big enough to shield our whole team from extreme weather conditions! We were resilient, resourceful, responsible and reflective and were experts in the end! What a great day.

Spring Term 1