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Our Staff:

In Reception, the teachers who help us learn are Miss Swift, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Knights.
Our fantastic Teaching Assistants are Ms Binks, Mrs Sykes, Mrs Sunderland,
Miss Olga and Miss Buxton.


Key Information:


  • Please check that your child has the correct uniform, including pumps, in line with our uniform policy. 
  • Please also ensure that all items of clothing, including pumps, PE kits and uniform are clearly labelled with your child's name. 


Please ensure that your child has their book bag at school every Wednesday. This will enable us to change their reading book to reflect the phonemes they are learning in Phonics that week. Book bags will go home on a Friday


The children will do PE indoor every Monday. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school on this day and everything is correctly labelled.


In Reception we will send home a Maths based challenge each week as well as a Phonics challenge, and when appropriate, a sound book, ditty sheet or reading book to reflect what the children have been learning in Phonics.


This is a key area of the Early Years curriculum that underpins everything we do. We learn to read through the Phonics programme Read Write Inc. We have daily Phonics/reading session every morning. Please see the Phonics section of our website to find out more about what Phonics is and how we teach it at Whingate. 


This year we have adopted the Maths mastery approach as well as following the White Rose Maths Hub progression of learning. Maths is very visual and multisensory in Reception and is embedded throughout the provision areas, as well as in focused adult led sessions.


We aim to enrich and widen children's vocabulary daily at every opportunity. This is done through story telling, introducing new topic words, and through conversations and interactions throughout the different provision areas inside and outside. 

Our Curriculum

In EYFS we teach and assess the children against the 17 areas of learning. We aim for the children to make good progress and to reach age related expectations, working towards the Early Learning Goals by the end of the year.

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In half term 4 we have had some special visitors in Foundation Stage!

Farmer Ian came to see us with some of his animals from the farm. The children really enjoyed learning about the different animals and being able to stroke and touch them. Some of the children hadn't seen some of the different types of animals before. We met alpaca's, goats, sheep, ducks, rabbits, donkeys, guinnea pigs and the most popular animal of the day Meg the sheepdog!

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Reception's Long Term Plan 2022-23

Supporting Your Child's Learning At Home

One thing you can be working on at home is forming the letters in your name correctly. Remember you need a capital letter at the beginning, then lowercase letters for the rest of your name, for example, Albert. It might be that you can write your name already but need to practise your letter formation, or that you are working on holding a pencil and forming the first letter.

It is important to work on your fine motor skills to make sure you can hold a pencil correctly to write. You can build the strength up in your fingers and hand by doing lots of fun things such as playing with pegs, playdough and threading.

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In School we follow the Phonics Scheme Read Write Inc. Please see the letter below for information about how we teach Phonics.

We enjoy singing the 'Phonics Song' and 'Tricky Word Song' at the beginning of every Phonics session. 

Phonics Play is a great website to help embed what the children are learning in Phonics by playing games.