Whingate Superheroes


We have four Whingate Superheroes!

  • Resourceful Ray
  • Reflective Rita
  • Resilient Reggie
  • Responsible Robyn

We want to encourage children to aspire:


To be a Resourceful Ray:

  • Try different ways to solve your problems
  • Try to find the answers for yourself
  • Take responsibility for organising yourself


To be a Reflective Rita:

  • Think about problems before asking for help
  • Work out answers for yourself by trying out different ideas
  • Try to work out where you have gone wrong and how to improve


To be a Resilient Reggie:

  • Keep going and do not give in easily, even when things are difficult
  • See mistakes as a way of learning and improving
  • Maintain a positive attitude


To be a responsible Robyn:

  • Make sure that you look after your belongings
  • Think about the ways that you could improve your learning
  • Take responsibility for your own behaviour