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Whingate Primary School

Whingate Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 3DS
Acting Co-Headteachers: Claire Beswick and Karen Loney

01132 638 910

Medical Conditions & Medicines in School Policy


To provide guidance to teachers, Governors and Parents, under Section 100 of the Children & Families Act 2014, in respect of procedures for dealing with  the administration of prescription and non-prescription medicines

Whingate Primary School’s Responsibilities:

  • Staff providing support to a pupil with medical needs will have received suitable training
  • Individual Healthcare Plans (IHCPs) will be prepared to provide clarity about what needs to be done when and by whom.  These will be prepared in consultation with the parent and based on advice received in writing from healthcare professionals involved with the child
  • All relevant staff will be made aware of the child’s condition and information will be readily available for supply staff

Parents’ Responsibilities:

The school holds confidential information on pupils’ health. This needs to be updated regularly. The provision of this information remains the responsibility of the Parent. 

The child’s own doctor is the person best placed to advise whether a child should or should not be in school. 

The school will consider requests made by Parents in respect of the administration of medicines when:  

  • A child suffers from chronic long term illnesses / complaints such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy
  • A child is recovering from a short term illness but requires a course of medication prescribed by their GP

School Procedure for accepting medicines:

  • The parent completes a written request form (see attached) which must be resubmitted by the parent if and when there are any changes to the medicine, dosage or frequency
  • The medicine is brought to school in the original packaging/container as dispensed by the pharmacy
  • The medicine is handed over personally by the parent (not the child) to:
    • A member of the First Aid team (J Harris, H Woods, L Croll, W Cunningham)
    • A member of the staff in the Nursery or Reception classes (because they have paediatric first aid training)
    • The Administration staff in the Office (if the above staff are not available)

How medicines are administered:

Medicines will be either self-administered by the pupil in the presence of a First Aider, or administered by a First Aider according to the dosage instruction provided by the Parent and as advised by the GP.

Medicine will be stored securely in the Child & Family Support Manager’s office or with the First Aider.  The only exception being self-administered inhalers which will be stored in the pupils’ own classes.

The school will not be held responsible for failure to administer medication.

If the school has concerns about the nature of given medication, it reserves the right to refuse their administration. Parents will be advised of this immediately and will be consulted on alternative arrangements.

Teachers will not be asked to administer or store medicine except in the case of school trips where they will seek prior advice from the First Aid Team.



We have children in our school with severe allergies to different types of nuts and therefore nuts of any type are not allowed in school.  This applies to pupils and staff. 


The named member(s) of school staff responsible for this policy and its implementation are Stephen Archer, Headteacher/Safeguard Lead, and Janet Harris, Safeguarding Lead