Whingate Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 3DS
Co-Headteachers: Claire Beswick and Karen Loney

01132 638 910

Whingate Primary School




We had an exciting launch assembly, where we worked as classes to design and create a device that would stop an egg from cracking! So many year groups were successful and all the children worked well together as a team. 


Each year group planned / is planning a trip to somewhere in the local area. We have linked this to the fieldwork strand of the curriculum:

Nursery took a trip around the school grounds and explored the different playgrounds, buildings and school fields...


 We had a DT week in school, where children were to design and make a product to sell in order to raise money for school funds. The children had an amazing week being creative and working as a team to put together their products. The sale on Wednesday 30th March was a HUGE success! A grand total of £439.94 was raised - thank you to those who came to support the children and school. 

Den Building

We had the best 2 days in school with Chris - AKA The Denman! 

The children loved designing and building storm proof shelters and had an amazing time. 

Chris was so impressed with all children... to quote:

"... I want to clearly stress to the teaching staff at Whingate, despite all the recent battles, they are doing outstanding work. I am really not interested in levels within maths and English and would never judge a child's ability based on this. I judge it on happiness, politeness, resilience, teamwork, creativity and confidence.........and yes, your children have this in buckets loads!"
We are very proud of all our children.