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Whingate Primary School


Reading is a very important part of our curriculum at Whingate with our aim being that all children leave our school as confident and capable readers. We encourage children to read for pleasure and enjoy a wide range of books.

In Foundation stage we begin teaching phonics, which are the building blocks of sound that each child needs in order to read. Our Reception children bring home key sounds to learn and once they know their initial sounds they will bring home a reading book.

All children continue to bring home a reading book every week until they leave school. In Key Stage 1 children bring home Big Cat reading books and in Key Stage 2 children continue to bring home these books until their teacher feels they are confident enough to choose their own ‘free reading’ book.

Home reading books are an important part of every child’s learning as it is an opportunity for parents to hear their child read, celebrate their ability and feedback to teachers on the words or questions their children have found difficult.

In class, children learn reading skills during daily Literacy lessons and also have 30 minutes Guided Reading time every day which is just for learning reading and comprehension skills. In Reception, the children learn phonics every day and this continues in Year 1 and 2 as well.

All children in school have access to the school library and also have Golden Reading sessions where they are able to read purely for enjoyment with no direct teaching. We hold an annual Scholastic book fair in school which gives children the opportunity to buy books and raise money for reading materials in school.

Children’s reading ability is assessed at three points during their school career. In Year 1 children sit the national phonics test and this is repeated in Year 2 if any child does not pass. In Year 2 and Year 6 children sit the national SATs test for Reading.

There is a link to the new National Curriculum for Literacy on our website and this gives a detailed breakdown of the reading skills that children learn in each year group. A broad breakdown of the key areas of learning is listed below:

-Decoding and sounding words.

-Reading with fluency.

-Reading a range of texts.

-Inference and deduction.


-Retrieving and recording.

-Researching information.

For further information on any of these areas please see your class teacher or Mr Rhodes.


 Listed below are the reading schemes that we are currently using at Whingate. To access information on an individual reading scheme, please click on its logo and you will be redirected to their webpage. Alternatively, you are very welcome to speak to a member of the teaching staff in school regarding a specific scheme.


Collins Big Cat





Floppy's Phonics






Song Birds








Project X






Project X