Whingate Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 3DS
Co-Headteachers: Claire Beswick and Karen Loney

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Whingate Primary School

Grammar Police

GPIf we speak using the correct grammar, we will write using the correct grammar!

Every classroom at Whingate is protected by the Grammar Police.

Everybody at Whingate is on the lookout for standard English.

Every classroom displays this warning sign.
Every classroom displays this warning sign.

 Here at Whingate we expect the use of standard English from staff and children in school. Below are some common mistakes that we hear around school.



At Whingate Primary, we have a Grammar Squad to help us use correct grammar while we are at school.

They are children from Year 5 and 6 who have proven that they can use great grammar. They are;

Y6: Honey, Grace, Jessica and Victoria

Y5: Miley, Logan, Ciona and Dylan