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Year 5


Welcome back to the final half term of Year 5! 

This half term, a lot of our learning will focus on Ancient Greece and the Greek Gods. Click the book cover below to go to the 'Who Let the Gods Out' page, where Miss Newton will be reading this brilliant story for you, and where there are lot of other resources/websites to help you learn about this topic.

Keep up the good work on Purple Mash. We are also checking Mathletics, Doodle Maths, Spelling Shed, TTRockstars and Reading Plus, so keep working hard on those - we will have a Star Worker each week. As a reminder, if you cannot access learning online, printed packs will be available from the school office for you to collect for the week ahead between 10am and 2:30pm. 

If you do some work that you'd like us to see, please send it by email to secretary@whingate.com -we love seeing your work as we miss you all!

We will be uploading the best bits of your home learning sent into the email address above or on Purple Mash to our Year 5 Gallery. Click the image below to take you to the page or find it in the Home Learning -> Year 5 tab above. 

Miss Newton, Mrs Lawson and Mr Gray.


Today's Home Learning:

Miss Newton is really missing reading to you all, so she has ordered a book to read to you which she thinks you will really enjoy! Below, you will find the story 'Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror' by Chris Priestley, read to you in instalments. Watch below, then visit the Year 5 Reading Blog on Purple Mash to discuss the story, just like we would in school!

This is a horror story, written for children aged 8-12.

Before listening to Part 2 - please go to the Purple Mash Year 5 Reading Blog and have a think about the questions on there.

Part 3 - This is one of the stories Uncle Montague tells to Edgar. Try to make a prediction at the beginning then as the story unfolds, see whether your prediction changes or stays the same.
A question to think about - you can answer on the blog, send me an email or discuss with someone at home: 
1. How would you describe the character of Joseph? Back up your opinion using ideas from the text. (3 Marks - remember to try to make 3 separate points or explain 1 or 2 in lots of detail)
I hope you enjoy it!
A question to think about for Part 4...
 'A gold brooch caught Joseph's eye. He reached out and grabbed it, giving it a tentative tug.'
Which of these words is a synonym for 'tentative'? a. firm  b. cautious  c. definite  d. quick

A question for Part 5: 

Use your inference skills to work out what might be happening here and what the sound of broken glass might mean:

'Robert Sackville took all of this in a he stood by one of the pillars, watching his father marshalling the men who were shuffling back and forth with furniture, boxes and trunks from the large wagon parked on the dirt road beyond the gate.

Robert's mother scurried about, gasping and calling out as chair legs struck doors and the sound of broken glass came tinkling from the morning room.'

A question for Part 6:

After you have finished listening to the story: What similarities are there between this story and the first one (Climb Not)? 

Something to think about for Part 7:

Make a Connection - When we read, our brains make connections between what we read and things we already know or have heard before. How does the start of the story 'Winter Pruning' remind you of any other stories you have read, seen or heard?

A question to think about for Part 8: Uncle Montague described this as a 'Cautionary Tale' - one that acts as a warning. What do you think the message of this story is?

Question for Part 9: How many synonyms (words with a similar meaning) can you think of for the word 'loathe' (you might need to listen to the story first if you don't know what 'loathe' means.)?

A Question for Part 10 - I said this was my favourite of the Tales of Terror. Which of the stories has been your favourite and why? I enjoyed this one because it had just enough suspense without being too scary, and I didn't work out what was happening until towards the end. The author left just enough clues for me to realise.

A Question for Part 11: When I read the second part of one of the tales, I do a short summary of the first part. How would you summarise the first part of 'The Path'? Remember to use the main events of the story and tell us the important things we need to know about the character.

A Question for part 12: At the end of this story, we find out a little more about the strange things that have been going on in Uncle Montague's house. Who do you think the children are?

Click the picture below for some ideas for simple experiments you can try at home linking to our Forces topic:

Click the picture to access the Macbeth songs to practise at home!

Click the link below to sign up for a free Chess Kids Gold Membership, linked to the school: