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Science Activities

This page is going to have some activities, ideas and links to help you to carry out some fun science investigations in your home. 

  • These activities are designed to be fun but will also focus on your 'working scientifically skills'. In other words they will have you 'thinking like a scientist'!
  • The whole family can join in if they like!
  • The activities provided will be ones that can be completed using items from your home. If you do not have the items required for the investigation, please don't feel like you have to go and buy them (unless you really want to!). We will be updating the page with new ideas and investigations regularly so you might be able to join in with the next one.

Have fun and stay safe!

Mrs Bell and Miss Boocock :)

Investigation - Strong Shapes

Investigation - Paper Boats

Investigation - Egg Shell Tooth Decay

Investigation - Paper Spinner

Investigation - Shadows

Investigation - Dunkin' biscuits!

Links to science websites: Lots more ideas for fun science investigations here!




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