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 Great Bentley Primary School - Phonics

Phonics teaches children to recognise graphemes (letters) and link them to a phoneme (sound) and gives them the skills to decode words to be able to read and write.

At Whingate we use the Letters and Sounds scheme to teach Phonics. Below is a link to the website:- 



 If you are unsure how to say any of the phonemes correctly please see the links below.

Phase 2-



Phase 3-



Phase 4-



Phase 5 -


22nd June 2020

We will no longer be adding daily Phonics challenges to this page. If your child is working within phase 2/3/4 then they can access the daily Phonics challenges on the Reception page. If your child is working within phases 4/5 they can access the daily Phonics challenges on the Year 1 page.


However, we will be still updating the Phonics page with web links, games and idea's to help embed Phonics learning at home. If you would like any more help with anything Phonics related please email secretary@whingate.com and someone will get back to you!

There are lots of ways you can help your child remember the different phonemes (letter sounds) and match them to the grapheme (the written form).

Here are some games you can try, all you will need is a some paper and pencils or a whiteboard and pen and you can make the games yourself at home. You can adapt the games to the different phonemes your child needs to learn.


Reading words and drawing pictures to show understanding:-

Phonics Games for First Grade - Susan Jones Teaching


Playing board games with dice reading the different phonemes your child needs to recall (if you dont have a dice at home you can google an interactive one):-

Pancake Day Maths Activities Ks1 - Cewek Pacitan


Sorting objects around your home that start with different phonemes, or a phoneme hunt then sorting the phonemes. ( A phoneme hunt is where you write the letters on lots of sticky notes/paper and place around the house for your child to find and read):-

Sorting initial sounds from Rachel (",) … (With images ...


Phoneme Bingo

FREE! - Phase 2 Phonic Bingo and Lotto - Phonics Resources


Segmenting/Blending Bingo - Say a word and tour child has to read the read on their board to cross it off.


Phonics Bingo Games


Web pages to use:-


Phonics Play - At the moment they have a user name and password everyone can use, it is easy to enter the website and it has some really nice games.

Username: march20
Password: home


Phonics Bloom - Some games are free to use, some you do need to subscribe to.


Letters and Sounds

Also Letters and Sounds have their own YouTube channel where they are uploading daily lesson. However is does state Reception and Year 1, ignore that and go to Reception if your child is working within Phases 2/3/4 and Year 1 if you child is working in phases 4/5. It also has lessons on blending and segmenting which could be useful.




All the Phonemes we learn in Phonics is below as well as the high frequency words and some information on 'tricky words':-

Phase 2- 5 Phonemes

100 High Frequency Words

Tricky Words

 Tricky words are words you cannot segment and blend back together. They words need to be sight read to help fluency when reading.

Singing songs is a good way to help children remember. Here are some links to songs containing 'tricky words' that we sing at school:-





Here are some games you can play together to help you remember the words!

Roll it, read it Phonics games phases 2-5 tricky words | Teaching ...

Tricky Words Board Games | Teaching Resources

Phonics Tricky Words Game Phase 3 - Classroom Secrets Kids

Jolly Phonics Tricky Words Game (1-25) – missmernagh.com

There are some good games on websites to help you too.

Phonics Play - have a user name and password everyone can use at the moment its easy to enter the website and it has some really nice games.

Username: march20
Password: home

Tricky word trucks is a great game and you can play, you can try and beat your own score. Click on the Phase you and working on and play!


Please find a list of all the tricky words below.

Phase 2-5 Tricky Words