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Acting Co-Headteachers: Claire Beswick and Karen Loney

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Whingate Primary School

Name our new school motto!



If you have done any of the activities please take a photograph and send to:


We can then see all the learning you are doing at home!

As we are now in what should be the Summer term of Nursery I wanted to make sure all families in Nursery are not only safe and well, but coping with the current situation.

I also want to reassure parents about the home learning. The suggestions I put on here are for you to use and to support you at home as you feel is necessary. If your child isn't particularly engaged that day then feel free to do something else! The most important thing you could do for your child is play with them - this is what we do in Nursery 80% of the time and this is the main way that your child will learn. Follow your child's lead!


If you would like any support or help with anything please email the school on the above email address and myself, or someone in school will be in touch.


Mrs Harrison 

Links that may be useful


The government guidance for teaching Nursery aged children at home



The BBC have some lovely resources - we have been playing this Maths game at home and it is really good! Also works on mobile phones!



Here's the link to the other maths games available on the BBC



Are you going to school in September? Play this game!