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Name our new school motto!

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Year 3 Home Learning

Unfortunately, for the next 2 weeks we will be learning at home in Year 3.

  • Each day, a new home learning sheet will be added to the website that matches the work we would have been doing in class. We would like you to complete this work each day.
  • Below the home learning sheets you will find further links to excellent resources from White Rose Maths Hub and the National Oak Academy.

Extra activities for you and your family to enjoy during the half term holidays.

  • Underneath the home learning tasks you will find some HALLOWEEN recipes to bake some exciting Spider Chocolate Crispy Cakes and Strawberry Chocolate Ghosts.
  • There are also some other recipes that you could try with you family over the holidays.

If you try any of the recipes, please send us some photos of how they turned out!

Happy half term! We can't wait to see you!

Miss Sefton and Mr Rhodes.


Thursday 22nd October Year 3 Home Learning 

Half Term Holidays - Cooking and Baking Activities!

Wednesday update

Writing - Using the Correct Tense.

Properties of 3-D shapes

Muscles and Joints


Other Useful Web Links

The following links will take you to extra learning that matches the work we have been doing in class.  These are from 'White Rose Maths Hub' which we follow as a school for Maths, and the National Oak Academy. There are several sessions on each link so please don't try to complete more than one a day.

The work sheets for the White Rose Maths Hub lessons can be found below.

COVID-19 Response

Please refer to the 'COVID-19 Response Tab' > Year 3.


Useful Information

Our P.E days are on a Monday and a Tuesday. We will be doing athletics outside on a Monday and gymnastics indoors on a Tuesday. For full details of kit see the newsletter below.


The reading system is different in Year 3 to Year 2. Your child will bring their book home once a week and have a set day (which is inside your child's book bag). They then need to bring it back within a week with all the reading your child has done written in their reading record. This should include the book they have brought home but can also include books, magazines, comics or newspapers they have chosen to read from home. If your child read once that week they will colour in one square on their 100 square, whereas if they read seven times during that week you would colour in seven squares.