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Year 2 Remote Learning

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Thank you for taking your time to read this and for your engagement in your child's learning. 


Please use this timetable if you wish as a guide to structure your child's day, this is very very similar to their current day in school. Please note that the government guidelines are that a child in KS1 should be completing 3hours home learning every day, so feel free to adapt the timetable to suit your own individual family lives.


Your child's daily learning will be available via a 'sway', this is a program that allows text, audio and videos to be presented on one page. We hope this will help with ease as everything will be in one place.

The daily sways will be accessible from the drop down menu if you hover over Year 2 and then click on the correct day. The sway has many other benefits including being able to monitor which children have accessed the home learning and is more interactive for your child.

We appreciate that lots of parents are working whilst looking after their child/ren and we would like to reassure you that we are doing everything that we can to make this as straight forward and the learning as independent as we can. We thank you for supporting your child's learning and encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions.



Every morning, your child is asked to complete a 'register', this register allows us to know which children are accessing the learning, as well as giving the children the option to share with their teachers how they are feeling and to tell us anything they would like to. This will benefit the children greatly, as they will still feel a part of our year group and school. 


Our class Zoom meeting will be at 2.30pm daily, we will use this time to see and speak to the children about their day, and give opportunity for the children to see each other, then we will read a story to the children. If you have not already signed up for this, please follow the link on The School Jotter app. 


We are able to give your child immediate and direct feedback when they complete a PurpleMash activity, however this is more tricky when they are completing other learning. We have put any answers we can onto the sway so that your child can mark this themselves after they have completed the task. We then positively welcome and encourage you to send photos of your child's learning to our Year 2 email address year.2@whingate.com , the reason for this is so that we can acknowledge your child's achievements and motivate them to continue, as well as setting a next step and moving their learning forward. Please just be aware that when our 'bubble' is open most teachers are in school looking after key worker and vulnerable children, so we will respond as quick as possible.



We have added some resources that are useful for the children to have at home, that they may use regularly to support their learning. If you are unable to print these and would like to collect a paper copy from school, please let us know via email and we can prepare these for you. Additionally, (from Monday 18th) we will be adding a word version of the days sway for you to print if you should wish to, it will still be available to collect from the school office too. Also, if there are any resources you would like that we have not provided, please drop us an email.


 If your child has read their school reading books and needs replacements, please bring these to school and we can swap them, if you email in advance we will have them ready for collection at the school office to minimise time spent on site.


There will be a parental Forms questionnaire at the end of each day's sway, this is for you to complete only if you wish to so that you share how your child has found their learning that day and speak to us directly about any other concerns. The Year 2 teachers will then use this information to plan further learning, knowing which activities were popular, which the children enjoyed etc.

Parent's opinions

Please could you take a couple of minutes to complete the questionnaire below.

Thank you again for your support! We hope that you stay safe and that we will see you all again soon,

The Year 2 Team :)

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