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Acting Co-Headteachers: Claire Beswick and Karen Loney

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Whingate Primary School

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St Amand's Catholic Primary School - Early Years Foundation Stage


Active Learning – Sticky Faces Day Nursery


Our Vision for Foundation Stage

At Whingate we know all of our children are unique. During their time in Foundation, we want our children to be happy and show a curiosity for learning and exploring, persisting when they are faced with challenges and be resilient to bounce back. When learning we want the children to show high levels of fascination, enjoy solving problems and learn from their mistakes as well as moving their ideas forward. 


Our Staff

In Reception Teachers that help us learn are Miss Swift, Mrs Cooper, Miss Smith and our HLTA Mrs Waterhouse. Our fantastic Teaching Assistants are Mrs Binks, Miss Magda, Mrs Proctor, Miss Tucimova and Mrs Pearson.

In Nursery our Teacher is Mrs Harrison and our super Nursery Nurses are Mrs Peacock, Mrs Wright and Mrs Smith.



Home Learning | All Souls' Catholic Primary School

Please see below for some home learning ideas and our daily activities.

One thing you can be working on at home is forming the letters in your name correctly. Remember you need a capital letter at the beginning, then lowercase letters for the rest of your name, for example Albert. It might be that you can write your name already but need to practise your letter formation, or that you are working on holding a pencil and forming the first letter.

It is important to work on your fine motor skills to make sure you can hold a pencil correctly to write. You can build the strength up in your fingers and hand by doing lots of fun things such as playing with pegs, playdough and threading.

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How to hold a Pencil Posters (SB5947) - SparkleBox

It has been lovely to see some of the super learning that is going on at home on Purple Mash. Remember if you do anything you want to share with the Teachers please email secretary@whinagte.com so we can have a look. 


At school in Phonics, we are starting to learn the phase 2 phonemes (letter sounds). Please find all the phase 2 phonemes on the letter mat below. 

We enjoy singing the 'Phonics Song' and 'Tricky Word Song' at the beginning of every Phonics session. 



Phonics Play is a great website to help embed what the children are learning in Phonics by playing games.


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